Timeline of Early Missouri History

1539--DE SOTO discover's and crosses the Mississippi.

1542--Winter quarter's of his company, probably in Missouri, in 1541-'42.

   "   --De Soto died, and was buried in the Mississippi, near mouth of Arkansas River.

   "   --Louis de Moscoso succeeds De Soto. He marches to Red River, in Texas.

1543--Moscoso and his troops march through Arkansas and Missouri.

1544--De Biedma makes a report of De Soto's Expedition, to the King of Spain.

1671--The French take forma1 posession of the Northwest.

1673--May 13, Marquette and Joliet leave Mackinaw in search of the Mississippi.

   "   --June 17, Marquette reaches the Mississippi at the mouth of the Wisconsin and descended it to the mouth of the Arkansas.

1675--May 18, Marquette died.

1680--La Salle sends Hennepin and Dugay to explore the Upper Mississippi. St. Anthony's Falls named by Hennepin.

1682--0riginal naming of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, and the countries through which they flow.

1683--First settlements made by La Salle. He descends the Mississippi to its mouth.

   "   --March 6, takes possession of the country, and named it "Louisiana"

1687--March 17, La Salle is killed by some companions.

1696--War between the Iroquois Indialns aud the British Colonies, against the Province of Canada.

1705--The Missouri River explored to the mouth of the Kansas River by the French.

1712--September 14, Louisiana granted to Crozart by Louis XIV.

1717--August 22, Crozart resigns Louisiana to the Crown. Transfer of the grant to "The Company of the West." First Laws.

1718--Colonists arrive. New Orleans laid out. Fort Chartres, Illinois, commenced.

1719--Renault 1eaves France for the Illinois country. Arrives, and dispatches 200 miners, assayers, and artisans in search of precious metals in Illinois and Missouri. Fort Chartres completed.

1720--Spanish Expedition from Santa Fe, against the French and Missouri Indians.

1724--Erection of Fort Orleans on an island in the Missouri. Destruction of the Fort.

1731--January 24, Company of the West surrender their charter to tbe King of France.

1762--November 3, Paris Treaty concluded. Louisiana ceded to Spain by France.

   "   --Village du Cote (St. Charles) established.

1763--November 3, M. Laclede arrives at St. Genevieve and Fort Chartres.

1764--February 15, St. Louis founded by Pierre Laclede Liguest.

1766--August 11, Grant of land received by Pierre Laclede Liguest, upon which to build St. Louis.

1769--First occupancy by the Spaniards.

1770--Spain obtains possession of St. Louis and Upper Louisiana.

1772--Fort Chartres evacuated.

1778--General Clark takes possession of Kaskaskia. Cahokia joins the Americans.

   "   --June 20, Pierre Laclede Liguest died near the mouth of Arkansas River, aged 54.

1780--St. Louis attacked by 1500 Indians and 140 British.

1785--Great flood of the Mississippi threatening to inundate St.Louis.

1786--Julien Dubuque first visits the Upper Mississippi.

1787--New Madrid founded by Colonel G. Morgan, of New Jersey.

1788--Dubuque obtains, a grant of 140,000 acres, embracing the present Dubuque, lead mines, etc.

   "   --First boat-load of lead bought from the Indians and shipped to St. Louis by Co1. Joseph Shaw, the pioneer of the lead trade.

1795--First Ferry established at St. Louis, by Captain James Piggott.

1798--Charles Dehault Delassus de Deluziere succeeds Zenon Tradeau as Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Louisiana.

1803--Louisiana ceded to the United States.

1804--March 26, "Territory of Orleans" organized; residue of country called "Territory of Louisiana."

   "   --Lewis and Clark set out upon their Western Exploring Expedition.

1808--September 5, Major George C. Sibley established Fort Osage Government Factory on the Missouri.

   "   --July, the "Missouri Gazette," first newspaper west of the Mississippi established at St. Louis by Joseph CharIess.

1809--Governor M. Lewis committed suicide.

1811--December 11, Earthquake at New Madrid.

1812--June 4, Name changed to Territory of Missouri, and advanced to second grade of government.

   "   --December 7, First Session of Legislature convened at St. Louis.

1814--December 5, Second Session of Legislature convened at St. Louis.

   "   --Bank of Missouri chartered.

1815--Second weekly paper established at St. Louis.

1817--Tbe first Steamboat (General Pike) reached St. Louis.

   "   --John Scott, of St, Genevieve, elected first Delegate to Congress.

1818-19--Missouri Compromise passed.

1819--June 8, ExpIoring Expedition under Major Long 1eft St. Louis for Mandan villages and the Yellowstone; failed.

1820--ConstitutionaI Convention at St. Louis.

1821--Admission of Missouri into the Union.

1833--Trouble with the Mormons in Jackson County.

1838--State Capitol commenced.

   "   --Mormon war in Caldwell County.

1852--November 20, First Locomotive west of Mississippi, on Pacific Railroad.

1859--JuIy, Introduction of Horse Railroads in St. Louis.

Transcribed from:
As it is in 1867
An Illustrated Historical Gazetteer of Missouri
By Nathan H. Parker
Published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, 1867

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